Monday, January 30, 2006

My baby

At long last, my dream has come true... No, it was nothing conventional like getting married, having a child, or working really hard to get us here to Korea. All those are but token achievements when compared with the aquisition of my beautiful new kitchen appliance - my indispensable rice steamer, the "Kitchen Flower." Oh, and she is gorgeous. Pink, white, and adorned with flowers, I saw her sitting, alone on the lonely shelf of the Wal-Mart appliance department. Passed over by other shoppers looking for the newest models (and yes, they sell digital rice steamers here), we felt an instant connection to each other. We are very happy together.


BeatupBeatnik said...

That is one fantastic looking rice steamer.

Baby9 said...

Silly hanna, i actually had to create a blog account to post something...=) i do believe you and that steamer were meant to be together...(a digital rice cooker doesn't quite say "hanna" to me...) LOL
ps.guess who!! =)

TigerShea said...

Nice rice steamer. I cook alot of rice. I'm still in the stone-ages, boiling it in a pot like a sucker. How would a rice steamer make my life easier?