Thursday, February 9, 2006

Beard Watch 2006

Well, it's Febuary 9th as I write this, four days away from starting my new job and the beard is still here. Recently I took a short trip to Japan to get my work visa from the Korean consulate. I'm not sure why I figured Japan would be a more beard friendly environment, but I did... I mean didn't that last samurai guy have one? Well after getting pulled aside at the airport for a full body pat down, I began to question whether Hollywood had let me down, yet again. One short but busy subway ride with everyone taking a look and nobody willing to sit next to me and it was confirmed: either I had really bad B.O or the people of Fukuoka were prejudiced against beards. After a quick check to make sure it wasn't an odor issue, I was sure it was the beard. (Funny how when everyone is already staring at you, taking a whiff in public of one's armpits doesn't seem a big deal)

Seeing as this whole "we're scared of beards" thing is becoming a regular part of my day I decided not to let it ruin my trip. I have however decided to hold a lesser view of any man incapable of growing a beard. (I use the term "man" loosely, after all what man can't grow a beard).

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