Sunday, February 12, 2006

For My Grandma.

Yesterday, I received an email from my sister Tammy in Saskatoon. She wanted to let us know that she has been printing off our blog to take for my Grandma to read. Recently my Grandma and Grandpa moved back to Saskatoon so that my mother could help take care of my Grandma, who has become very sick. Since I can't be back home to go and spend time with the two of them, I figured the least I could do was dedicate some time to write an entry for my Grandma.

I have been so fortunate in my life to have the Grandma that I have. It would be easy to go on about how great her cooking is, because,well, it is. From her homemade pumpkin pies to the nuts n' bolts that she makes sure to always have on hand for me, she has never disappointed. I'm sure most everyone has those stereotypical stories of their Grandma's cookies, and yes I'm sure they all made good cookies, just not as good as my Grandma's (hers even have Skor bar chunks in them.....yum).

I remember as a child of five or six being introduced by my Grandparents to the most amazing toy in the whole world, the Frisbee. I have such fond memories of the two of them running around in a park with me teaching me to throw that amazing spinning saucer. I can't wait to teach Joseph to play Frisbee, and to tell him stories of how I learned. I imagine that as I get exhausted from running down his wild throws I'll gain an even greater appreciation for them and the effort they've always put into spending time with me.
Maybe it sounds silly, after all it's just frisbee, but it's all the little things like playing frisbee with me, taking me to the lake to pick choke cherries for syrup, or maybe always believing in me and helping me to go to university that have made my Grandma the best Grandma in the world.
Go ahead and disagree - I hope everyone has fond memories with their Grandmas, and everyone should think their Grandma is the best. Just make sure to let your Grandmas know that you disagreed with me.

Thank you so much Grandma, for being everything I've ever imagined a Grandma could be.


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