Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to Korea

Matthew and I have made up our minds - Korea, we're coming back! We'll be there before September 1st of 2011.

During our time away from Korea, a lot has changed, as I explored in the previous post. Not all has been negative - a lot of good has happened, too. Specifically, the birth of our daughter, and the fact that when I return to Korea, I will have acquired significantly more experience as a professional English instructor. Added to that is the likely chance that I will be able to take a year to two years leave of absence from teaching at the U of S without losing my permanent status as a university employee! (I love my union!) Another bonus is that there is now a Jewish presence in Korea (Chabad, I knew you'd make it there sooner or later!).

Thus, the countdown has begun, and we are beginning the preparations to relocate our family halfway around the world in less than a year. When we return next fall, our son will be seven and our daughter will be three and a half - still young enough to be able to pick up a second language rather quickly!

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